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Paul A Drockton M.A. has been a Precious Metals and Rare Coin Dealer since 2008. He has helped thousands of people buy gold and  buy silver. He also pays the highest prices when you sell gold or sell silver.

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The Value of Gold and Silver
Gold and Silver have been used as money for almost all of mankind's history.  The Constitutional mandate is that "No State Shall Make Anything But Silver and Gold Legal Tender." Utah has also made Gold and Silver Legal Tender. There is no Sales Tax on Utah Gold or Silver.   Utah Gold and Silver Investors are looking for a hedge against Inflation and Uncertainty.  We are also Utah's Gold and Silver IRA Rollover Specialists. Guarantee the best value and the highest quality of products.  Every ounce of gold and silver  we sell is Certified and Tested for Weight, Purity and Authenticity. Don't get burned or overpay for Precious Metals because of local shortages. We have access to Silver and Gold Nationwide. You can  Trust Drockton Bullion Ltd . The Most Trusted Precious Metals Dealer in Utah. 
COVID ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the Lockdowns and Other Issues we no Longer Operate through Our Storefront. All Business is done by phone, email, text or Zoom. We don't have inventory on hand, after you order, it will be shipped to you directly from one of our Depositories
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Paul Drockton

Today's Silver Prices

  • Silver Eagles: 1-100 Buy Below*  101-300-  ($35.48 Each) , Monster Box-  $17,499 (35.01 Each)   ALL IN STOCK! READY TO SHIP!
  • Silver Maples: 100-499  (32.09 Each),  Monster Box of 500 - $15,795  ($31.59 Each )
  • Silver Krugerrands: 100-499 ($30.79),  Monster Box of 500- $15,295  ($30.59 each)
  • Philharmonics, Britannias, Pandas and Kangaroos also available. Minimum Order 100 Coins. Call or text for quote
  • Silver Buffalo Rounds:  100-499: 30.49 per oz., Monster Box of 500 ounces $14,895 or $29.79 Each, 
  • 10 oz .999 pure bars: 10-49 Bars: $305 each, 50+ Bars: $299 Each
  • Morgan and Peace Dollars: Call or Text for a quote. OR for less than 100 buy from our store below.
  • 90% silver Kennedy Half Dollars: Minimum Order is $250 Face (500 halves) Call or Text for a Quote
  • 90% Silver Quarters: $100 Face (400 quarters) is the Minimum Order. Call or Text for a Quote or Buy Below from our Online Store
  • 90% Silver Dimes: $100 Face (1,000 dimes) minimum order. Call or Text for Quote

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Today's Gold Prices

  • 1 oz Gold American Eagles: $1911 each, 5 oz minimum Order. Over 10 call or text for Discounts. 1/2 oz, 1/4 and 1/10 oz also available
  • 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf: $1858 Each, 5 oz minimum Order. Over 10 call or text for Discounts

  • 1 oz Gold Krugerrands: $1851 Each, 5 oz minimum Order. Over 10 oz call or text for Discounts
  • 1 oz Comex Approved Gold Bars: $1809.95 Each. 5 oz Minimum Order. Over 10 oz call or text for discounts
  • Gold 20 Franc (.1867 pure .9999 gold) $373 each. 10 coin minimum
  • Gold 10 Franc (.0933 pure .9999 gold)  $199 Each. 10 coin minimum
  • US Historic Gold: Liberty Head, St. Gaudens, Indian Head etc... Call or Text for Quote.

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Cash For Gold

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NO Sales Tax on Gold and Silver in Utah!

There is an exemption for the sale of currency and coins that is used as legal tender in any country. A purchase of any bars, nuggets, or bullion that is at least 50% pure is not currency and is taxable. However, all gold and silver coins are considered legal tender and still exempt. Just another Reason to Buy from Drockton Bullion & Coin Ltd. We are a Utah Company!

Why Your Business Should Accept Silver and Gold

Gold and Silver Are Legal Tender in Utah. This means they can be used as money throughout the state. Learn how your business can profit from accepting Gold and Silver without the risks of liquidation, cash flow or other concerns. Drockton Bullion and Coin Ltd has a proven Retail Partnership Program. (Please note that Retail transactions where gold and silver are used are still subject to Sales Tax in Utah). Contact us for more information.

Utah Gold and Silver IRA Rollover Specialist
Where We Acquire Our Products
Government Mints
Private Sellers
How We Sell Gold & Silver
1. We Send You a Firm Quote
2. You Send Funds. We Accept E-Checks, Bitcoin or Bank wire.
3. We Ship From Depository to You-Insured
How We Buy Gold & Silver
1. You Ship Us Product-Insured
2. We Test and Verify
3. We Send You Funds
Products We Buy & Sell


Silver American Eagles Are One of the Most Popular Silver Bullion Coins in the World. One Troy Oz of .999 pure silver
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US Gold Eagles
Gold American Eagles Are the Most Popular Gold Coin in the World. They Contain 1/10 Troy Oz to One Oz .999 Pure Gold
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Junk Silver
US Silver Coins Minted in 1964 or Earlier. Called Junk Because they have no Collector Value. 90% Pure Silver
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US Silver Rounds are Privately Minted. The Finest are Comex Certified. Usually 1 Troy Oz .999 Silver Each
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US Gold Rounds
US Gold Rounds are Privately Minted and Contain 1 Troy Oz .9999 Pure Gold
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US Silver Bars
US Silver Bars Range in Weight From 1 Oz to 1000 Ounces. They are .999 Pure Silver
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Gold Bars
Gold Bars Come in Assorted Weights from 1 gram and higher. One Troy Oz is the Most Common. They are .9999 Pure
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Canadian Gold Maples
Canadian Gold Maples come in 1/20 troy oz up to 1 ounce each.
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Canadian Silver Maples
Canadian Silver Maples come in One Troy Ounce Coins and are .9999 Pure.
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We are Utah's Most Trusted Gold and Silver Dealer. We Buy and Sell American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins, Canadian Maple  Gold and Silver Coins, Gold and Silver Bars & Rounds , Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars and 90% Junk Silver-1964 and earlier.
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