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Drockton Bullion and Coin purchases and sells all of the following products all across the United States:

US GOLD BULLION Coins & PCGS or NGC Graded Gold Coins:

  1. Uncirculated Gold American Eagles.
  2. One Ounce ($50 Face) American Gold Eagle
  3. One Half Ounce ($25 Face) American Gold Eagle
  4. One Quarter Ounce ($10 Face) American Gold Eagle
  5. One Tenth Ounce ($5 Face) American Gold Eagle
  6. PCGS or NGC First Strike, MInt State and Proof American Gold Eagles
  7. One Ounce .9999 Pure American Gold Buffaloes
  8. PCGS & NGC Proof State, First Strike and Mint State Gold Buffalo Coins

Other IRA Eligible Gold Bullion Bars

  1. Ounce .9999 Gold Bars- Pamp, Credit Suisse, etc.
  2. 10 Ounce .9999 Gold Bars- Pamp, Credit Suisse
  3. 100 Ounce .9999 Gold COMEX Bar
  4. 1 gram .9999 gold, 10 gram .9999 gold etc.

US Historical Gold Coins- All Condition

  1. Liberty Head $20 Gold Coins PCGS or NGC
  2. Circulated $20 Gold Liberty Coins
  3. Liberty Head $5 & $10 Gold Coins PCGS or NGC
  4. Circulated Liberty Head $5 & $10 Gold Coins
  5. Indian Head $5 and $10 Gold Coins PCGS or NGC
  6. Indian Head $5 and $10 Circulated Gold Coins
  7. Saint Gaudens $20 Gold Coin PCGS & NGC
  8. Saint Gaudens $20 Gold Coin Circulated

Canadian .9999 Pure Gold Maple Coins & Bars

  1. One Ounce Canadian Gold Maple Coins Uncirculated
  2. One Ounce Canadian Maple Coins Circulated
  3. $50 Gold Maple Coins, $25 Dollar Gold Maple Coins, $10 Gold Maple Coins and $5 Gold Maple Coins



US Silver Bullion Coins. NGC & PCGS Graded Silver Coins

  1. 1 ounce .999 Pure Silver American Eagles
  2. PCGS & NGC Uncirculated, Mint State, Proof and First Strike Silver American Eagles.

Pure .999 Silver 1 Ounce Rounds, 10 Ounce Bars, 100 Ounce Bars and COMEX 1000 Oz Bars. IRA Eligible Silver.

  1. One Ounce Silver .999 Pure Rounds
  2. IRA Eligible Silver Rounds
  3. 10 Ounce .999 Silver Bars
  4. IRA Eligible Ten Ounce Silver Bars.
  5. 100 Ounce Silver Bars
  6. IRA Eligible 100 Ounce Bars
  7. COMEX 1000 Ounce .999 Pure Silver Bars