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Low Premium Fractional Gold in Coins in Utah

20 Swiss franc .1967 troy oz pure gold coin. Buy Sell in Utah.
20 Swiss franc .1967 troy oz pure gold coin. Buy Sell in Utah.

Low Premium Fractional Gold Coins in Utah are exclusively available through Drockton Bullion and Coin. And we guarantee the Highest Quality, Lowest Cost with Fast and Free Shipping.



20 Swiss Franc .1967 Troy Oz Gold Coins in Utah

20 Franc Swiss .1967 Troy oz Gold Coins in Utah are one of the most popular coins in the world. Also, you can Click Here to Learn more about this low premium fractional gold coin with live pricing.

20 French Franc .1967 Troy Oz Gold Coins in Utah

20 French Franc .1967 troy oz gold coins in Utah are another popular fractional coin. And, they are less expensive than the 20 Swiss Franc with the same amount of pure gold content, Click here to learn more 

British Sovereign .235 Troy oz Gold Coin in Utah

British Sovereign .235 troy oz gold coins are almost a quarter oz of pure gold bullion. And they are the lowest premium fractional coin of all. Learn more here.

Other Fractional Gold Options in Utah

Pure Gold Bullion Coins and Bars in Utah

Other Fractional Gold Options in Utah Include:

Pure Silver Coins, Rounds and Bars in Utah

Pure Gold Bullion Coins and Bars in Utah are bought and sold through Drockton Bullion and Coin. Call 1-801-857-552 for a Quote or to talk with our Professional Financial Advisor.



In essence, Gold Bullion is either .999 pure, like the American Eagle Gold Coin. Or, it is .9999 pure gold like the American Buffalo Gold Coin.

Also, the Gold Krugerrand is one example of 22kt gold. 



And, the Canadian Maple Leaf, Gold Britannia, and the Austrian Gold Philharmonic are also lower premium .9999 pure gold. Unlike the Gold Eagle and Gold Krugerrand, the .9999 pure gold coins are not meant for circulation and damage easily.


Pure Silver Bullion Coins, Rounds and Bars in Utah are bought and sold through Drockton Bullion and Coin. Call 1-801-857-552 for a Quote or to talk with our Professional Financial Advisor.

In essence, pure silver bullion is either .999 pure, like the Silver American Eagle , Buffalo Silver Round, and the Silver Krugerrand. And, most silver bullion bars are also .999 pure. This includes the 1 oz, 10 oz and 100 oz bars.

On the other hand, .9999 silver bullion coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf,

the British Britannia, the Austrian Philharmonic, and the Australian Kangaroo are also available through Drockton Bullion and Coin.

90% Silver Coins, Junk Silver Halves, Quarters and Dimes.

90% Silver Coins, Junk Silver Halves, Quarters and Dimes in Utah can be bought or sold with Drockton Bullion and Coin Including, 90% silver Kennedy and Franklin Half Dollars, 90% silver Washington Quarters and 90% silver roosevelt and mercury dimes.


Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars in Utah

Also, Morgan and Peace Dollars in Utah can be purchased or sold through Drockton Bullion and Coin.

US Historical Gold Coins in Utah

US Gold Indian Head $5 Coin in Utah
US Gold Indian Head $5 Coin in Utah

Utah Gold, Silver & Platinum Dealer

Utah's Most Respected Gold, Silver and Platinum Dealer. Utah Gold Dealer. Utah PLatinum Dealer. Utah Silver Dealer
Paul A Drockton M.A.

Paul Drockton M.A. Made and Saved Our Clients Millions$$$

  • Warned Our Clients about 2001 Stock Market Crash almost 1 year before it happened. Recommended safer Assets including gold and silver.
  • Also Foresaw the rise of the Euro
  • And Warned Clients about the 2007-2008 Mortgage Crisis and moved Clients out of real-estate and to safer assets including precious metals.
  • Furthermore, We Predicted the 2007-2008 Stock Market crash and advised clients to move their assets into gold, silver and safer assets.
  • We Also Projected¬† the fall of the dollar. Advised to buy precious metals
  • First to Predict the crypto collapse and advised clients to buy precious metals.
  • And Instructed Clients before the current stock market and bond collapse. Moved clients into precious metals.
  • Anticipated the housing implosion, moved clients out of real-estate and into precious metals.


Contact Paul Drockton MA before you lose another penny!

Drockton Family Values: Honesty-Integrity-Service

Utah Gold, Silver and Platinum Dealer. Utah Gold Dealer. Utah Platinum Dealer. Utah Silver Dealer.
Drockton Family Humble Beginnings in Spanish Fork, Utah
Paul A Drockton M.A. Utah's Most Respected Gold, Silver and Platinum Dealer
Schedule a FREE Financial Consult with Paul A Drockton M.A.

Paul A Drockton M.A- Company Founder

"Why Ask Me When You Have Paul Drockton Right Here?"

Published Financial Analyst

  • 2,000 + Financial Articles Written
  • IRA/401K Retirement Specialist
  • Property/Casualty/Commercial Licenses
  • Life Insurance/Variable Life-Annuities Specialist
  • IRA Precious Metals Specialist
  • Investor
  • Business Consultant and Mentor
  • Economic Historian & Expert
  • College Instructor
  • Financial Advisor
  • Built Multiple 7 Figure
  • Businesses
  • Financial Radio Host
  • Owner: Drockton Bullion & Coin
  • Owner: Drockton Marketing
  • Owner: Drockton Lending/Mortgage
  • Owner: Drockton Insurance
  • Owner: Drockton Securities
  • Owner: Drockton Real-Estate Development
  • Series 6, 63 (Mutual Funds)
  • Series 26 (Registered Principal: Broker Dealer

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A Portion of all Sales from Drockton Bullion and Coin Benefits the Zion Fellowship Foundation
A Portion of all Sales from Drockton Bullion and Coin Benefits the Zion Fellowship Foundation

Drockton Bullion 2023 Donations to Date:


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Utah's Most Respected Gold, Silver and Platinum Dealer

Utah's Most Respected Gold, Silver and Platinum Dealer

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What Others Are Saying....

John Cote
John Cote
January 6, 2023.
Paul is a really great guy! He opened up his business for me in late hours, and on last minute notice! He went above and beyond to get me exactly what I wanted in a short amount of time! My impression of Paul is a very trustworthy, knowledgeable bullion dealer who is also now a friend! Thanks again! 06/01/2023 update: Just did business again with Paul to buy some silver bullion, and it's so stress-free to work with him! Will definitely be doing more business with Paul! Fastest guy out there by far! Thanks again!
January 2, 2023.
Awesome! Paul is my go to for precious metals. Super knowledgeable and trust worthy. If your looking to invest in precious metals I highly recommend Drockton Bullion!
Jason T.
Jason T.
December 30, 2022.
Paul is very knowledgeable about the metals market. He helped me to make key investment decisions. I recommend and will work with him again.
David Malone
David Malone
December 30, 2022.
Paul is very prompt and keeps you informed through the purchase process. The product Paul has provided me time over time is shining and beautiful! Thanks Paul ūüėéūü§ô
Brady Wall
Brady Wall
December 30, 2022.
Outstanding Customer Service!!! Great to work with, being newer to precious metals investing it can be daunting on what direction to go, very informative with great product offering, and very responsive!!! I will definitely be a repeat customer and highly recommend to anyone investing in precious metals to choose Drockton Bullion & Coin!!! Thanks for a great experience!!!!!
December 28, 2022.
Very pleasant to work with fast and efficient.
Tanya G.
Tanya G.
December 28, 2022.
My husband and I have been doing business with Paul for a couple yrs now it's been super easy to get exactly what we are looking for in coins, recently I spoke with Paul myself and on top of getting advice on coins he shared some of his knowledge on many other topics that have been very helpful for us financially. I appreciate his willingness to share what he knows and his patience with all of my questions I am very happy to know him and do business with him I highly recommend Drockton Bullion & coin.
Eien Evo
Eien Evo
October 6, 2022.
Paul is absolutely the best! He is so knowledgeable and is truly there to get you the best deal! He was so kind and patient as we figured out what we really needed. We will definitely be ordering more gold and silver!
Annalyce Kennington
Annalyce Kennington
August 9, 2022.
Paul provided great customer service. He was recommended by a friend (who tested his metals) and quickly earned my trust after talking to me about each coin and why one is more valuable than the other. I never felt rushed and he price matched other websites I had pulled up. My order came in within a week and tracking information was provided. I highly recommend getting your goodies from Paul!
Terri O'Bannon
Terri O'Bannon
July 29, 2022.
This man is amazing, I love working with him, and I trust him explicitly.
We Buy and Sell US Mint Sealed US Gold Eagle Coins, US Silver Eagle Coins and US Platinum Eagle Coins
We Buy and Sell US Mint Sealed US Gold Eagle Coins, US Silver Eagle Coins and US Platinum Eagle Coins

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Drockton Bullion: Utah Gold, Silver and Platinum Dealer

Gold and Silver investors are looking for a hedge against inflation and uncertainty. We guarantee the best value and the highest quality of products. Every ounce of gold, silver and platinum we sell is Certified and Tested for weight, purity and authenticity. Don’t get burned or overpay for precious metals because of local shortages. All of our bullion products are uncirculated and unblemished, COMEX approved and IRA approv

Team Drockton are experts in precious metals

We have been an exclusive and trusted dealer of precious metals since 2008. We have helped thousands of people buy gold and silver with tens of millions in sales. We also pay the highest prices when you sell your gold silver. We specialize in pure gold, silver and platinum Bullion Coins and Bars.

Your business Can Now accept silver and gold

Gold and Silver Are Legal Tender in Utah. This means they can be used as money throughout the state. Learn how your business can profit from accepting Gold and Silver without the risks of liquidation, cash flow or other concerns. Drockton Bullion and Coin has a proven Retail Partnership Program. (Please note that Retail transactions where gold and silver are used are still subject to Sales Tax in Utah). Contact us for more information.

No sales tax on gold and silver in Utah

There is an exemption for the sale of currency and coins that are used as legal tender in any country. A purchase of any bars, nuggets, or bullion that is at least 50% pure is not currency and is taxable. However, all gold, silver and platinum bullion coins are still exempt. Just another Reason to Buy from Drockton Bullion & Coin . We are Utahs Most Respected Bullion and Coin Dealer!


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Once you approve the quote, you will ship the assets to us to test and verify following the instructions on your Purchase Order. We will reimburse you for Shipping and Insurance Costs


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We will verify all metals, then send the funds immediately based on your instructions.

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Does Drockton Bullion Have a Storefront?

For Security, Insurance and Privacy reasons we Protect our Clients by shipping to them direct from our Depository. No parking lot observers. We closed our storefront.

How Do You Ship My Order?

We Ship Overnight Express on Gold Orders and Priority Secure on Silver or Platinum. Fully Insured and with a signature requirement at your door

Is There a Shipping Charge?

No! Shipping and Insurance is ALWAYS free with Drockton Bullion.

Do You Guarantee Quality?

Of Course! Every Gold, Silver, and Platinum Bullion Product we sell is Brilliant Uncirculated and in Pristine Condition.

How Do I Purchase?

Just Pay the Invoice we email you following the instructions noted. We then email you a receipt and shipping/ tracking information.

Do You Accept Credit Cards

No we dont.

Can I Pay by Check?

No. It takes too long to process and prices fluctuate.

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NEW Products. LOW Cost and the Industry’s FASTEST Delivery to your Door. Are we missing anything?

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We are a Full-Service Dealer with a wide selection and much larger inventory than our competitors. We will take our time and fully educate you before your purchase with all the investment options. No rush because someone is standing in line behind you.