Lowest Price on .999 Pure Silver Rounds

1 Ounce .999 Pure Silver Rounds  Minimum Order is 200 one ounce Coins: 

200 Silver Rounds: Spot + 1.39

500+ Spot + .99

(Includes Free Shipping-Fully Insured)


What Are 1 Ounce .999 Pure Silver Rounds?

One Ounce .999 Pure Silver Rounds are a popular option to American Silver Eagles or other government minted Silver Bullion Coin.

They are frequently called Rounds or Silver Medallions because it is illegal to call anything a coin not minted by the United States Mint.

Silver Rounds or Silver Medallions are normally one troy ounce of .999 Pure Silver. This means they weigh about 31.1 grams instead of the standard ounce of 28 grams. All precious metals are sold by Troy Ounce.

Image Is Not Important for Value

Also, Rounds and Medallions are notably produced by private mints and come in a variety of styles. Additionally, they are minted with a variety of images on their front and back. The image itself doesn’t add or take away any of the round’s value. Silver Rounds are primarily sold based on silver content and current value.


I would not recommend buying ANY precious metals unless they come with a purity guarantee. We always test ALL Silver and Gold to verify they are real. Some ways to detect fake silver rounds:

  1. Weigh Them! If they say 1 Troy Ounce they should weigh 31.1 grams!
  2. Buy from a RESPECTED Dealer with a Purity Guarantee, like Drockton Bullion and Coin!
  3. Feel Them!  If they feel greasy or oily don’t buy them!
  4. Hear Them!  When Pure Silver is dropped on a hard surface it makes a bell sound. Not a thud!
  5. Test Them! Unfortunately the magnet test and even acid tests can be fooled. We use a spectrometer that reads into the center of the round.
  6. If in doubt! Walk Out! Its better to walk away empty handed then it is to walk away with no money and fake silver!

1 Oz Troy Generic Silver .999 Pure Rounds

(Design-Our Choice unless Specified in Order)

Other Designs Include Walking Liberty, Mercury Dime, Morgan Dollar, Prospector… also available…  

We Also Sell IRA Approved Silver Rounds!


Walking Liberty Design

Morgan Silver Dollar Design

Mercury Silver Dime Design

Divisible Silver Round Design


Silver Rounds are Sold Based on Spot Price, which changes every minute of every business day and throughout every business night.  We offer you live Spot Pricing so you don’t end up with any surprises!

They are also IRA Eligible in Some Cases. Please specify if your order is for an IRA and we will quote IRA Eligible Rounds!

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