Utah American Gold Eagles

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Utah American Gold Eagle Monster Box 1 Ounce Coins

Utah American Gold Eagles

about utah gold eagles
Utah American Gold Eagle Coins come from the United States Mint. Congress mandated that these coins be made from gold mined in the United States. Any profits are to go towards paying down the National Debt
Utah Gold Eagles are minted in 1 oz With a $50 Nominal Face Value. They are also minted in half oz ($25), quarter ounce ($10) and tenth oz ($5) sizes.
Gold Eagles are sold according to their gold bullion content. Their value changes with gold spot prices. Gold Spot Prices are updated throughout the day.
Gold Eagle coins are hardened for circulation. Copper and Silver are added to them for this purpose. So, the weight of the coin is actually greater than the amount of pure gold bullion it contains.

What is Pure Gold Bullion?

Pure Gold Bullion is guaranteed to be .999 percent pure. It must be free from all other impurites. Temperatures must be greater than 1,947 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The American Gold Eagle Design

Gold Eagle Obverse

The obverse design shows a rendition of the full-length figure of Lady Liberty. Note the flowing hair, holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. You can also see the Capitol building in the left background. The Gold Eagle design is taken from the early 20th century$20 Saint-Gaudens gold coin.These earlier gold coins were commissioned by Theodore Roosevelt. The Artist is  Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Gold Eagle Reverse
The reverse design features a male eagle carrying an olive branch. Notice he is flying above a nest containing a female eagle and her hatchlings. The Gold Eagle is supposed to be redesigned in 2021 with greater security measures. These will help eliminate counterfeits.

US Mint Gold American Eagle Specifications

US Mint Gold Eagle Specifications

US Mint Official Gold Eagles Produced From 1986-Present.

US Mint Gold American Eagles Produced by Year
US Mint Gold Eagles Produced by Year
* Low Mintage Years usually have a higher value to collectors. Examples of low mintage 1 oz eagles include 1991, 1996, 2001, 2007, 2018 and 2019.

US Mint Gold Eagle Proof Sets Produced From 1986-Present.

US Mint Gold Eagle Proof Sets Produced by Year,
US Mint Gold Eagle Proof set Product by Year 2003-2013
Please Note that US Mint Gold Eagle Proof Sets are of a much higher luster than other Gold American Eagles.  
  •  The Mint only issued 1 troy  oz proof sets in 1986.
  •  The ​12 troy oz proofs were added in 1987.
  • In 1988, the US Mint started producing American Gold Eagle Proofs in all 4 denominations.
  •  The US Mint produced no Gold American Eagle Proof Sets in 2009. This was due to a global gold shortage.

US Mint Gold American Eagle Proof Set Examples

US Mint Gold American Eagle Proof Set

Random Year US Mint Gold American Eagle Proof Set

2020 US Mint American Gold Eagle Proof Set

2020 US Mint Gold American Eagle Proof Set

US Mint American Gold Eagle Uncirculated Coin Production By Year

Mint Production of Uncirculated Gold Eagle Coins by Year
* In 2009 and 2010,the global gold shortage also effected the production of Uncirculated Gold American Eagles. Fractional Production of Uncirculated US Mint Gold Eagles ended in 2008. US Mint 1 oz Gold American Eagles were the only Uncirculated Coins from 2009-2016.

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