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Where is This All Heading? What You Need to Know and Why.

By Paul A Drockton M.A. 3/14/23

1st: The Collapse of Small Banks and Consolidation Into Big Banks

In 1932, four years after the October, 1929 Stock Market Crash, the Banks began to fail. Mostly local and regional banks. The result was the creation of Glass-Steagall which prevented banks from investing directly into securities. Also, the creation of FDIC Insurance. The goal was to create enough confidence in the Banking System that people would keep their money there.

In 2007-2008 the Federal Reserve raised rates 1.25% over six quarters. This resulted in Banks having to discount their mortgage assets, if they wanted to remain liquid, at a loss. The result was the failure of Washington Mutual and the too big to fail bank bailouts.

The US enjoyed record low rates and banks have played it Conservative with their deposits. In fact, Silicon Bank was investing in the most Conservative Assets of All, US short-term treasuries. The problem was they were all fixed rate securities that lost significant value when rates went up.

In an attempt to turn them into variable rate Treasuries, the bank sold off their fixed rate ones at a $2 billion loss. Word got out that they were trying to borrow that amount and then the big investors pulled their deposits.

Was it justified. Hardly. The $2 billion they were seeking could have easily been borrowed through the Fed Discount Window. It only represented less than 1% of their over $200 billion in assets.

The Conclusion is that this was all orchestrated to allow a few large National Banks to buy the assets of the small ones for a song. Simply, stated, their will only be 3-5 Large National Banks when all the local, state and regional ones go under.

2nd: National Digital Currency

After the consolidation it will be relatively easy to collapse the paper dollar and replace it with a government controlled digital currency. This allows the Powers That Be total control over the individuals finances. They can reward or punish those that resist or embrace their draconian policies.

3rd: Social Credit System

Once the National or Global digital currency is established, the State will introduce their Social Credit System. Just like they now have in China. Simply Stated, this will allow them to prohibit dissenters from buying or selling without a high enough Social Credit Score.

4th: Fifteen Minute Cities

By dividing cities into small fenced in and guarded sectors, the State can isolate resistors, Christians etc and literally starve them to death. This is already happening in China.

15 Minute Cities will be small municipal divisions where you will need permission and a Passport to leave. As the name implies, everything you need will be within your zone. Also, within walking distance. No cars will be permitted. You will only be permitted to leave with a high enough Social Credit Score and Official Permission.

Can Any of This be Avoided?

This is the Last Days my friends and all this has been prophesied. Satan will build his kingdom and the Lord will build His. It will be a separation of the Wheat and the Tares. I sell Gold and Silver to create a medium of exchange that will give you the resources to get away from the Urban Areas and purchase a Homestead in the Rural ones. The key iis to help you stay independent until its time to gather with the wheat. 

If you stay in their system the results are clear. If you opt out, precious metals will help you stay independent.

God Bless My Friends!

Paul A Drockton M.A.