Utah Rural Homestead

Think Rural Homestead in Utah

The Choices are being made as predicted by Ancient Prophets. Those that want Freedom will be rounded up and destroyed as dissidents by Satan’s Global Government.

We can’t change the future, but we can try to avoid the consequences of whatever they plan by relying on the inspiration of God and some basic common sense.

We know that they will follow Communist China’s 15 minute city plan. As you can see in the video below, its not what you think it will be.

Urban areas are already being converted into 15 minute cities in the US. This includes Utah. It’s not the Zion you were promised. Unless you believe Zion should require barb wire and concrete fencing, armed guards at the entrances and a high Social Credit Score to leave. In China, dissidents are secluded and isolated in their very own 15 minute city where they can be easily destroyed, starved or eliminated. Any pandemic will do to justify your islolation. And Christians are considered enemies of the State in Satans New World Government.

How You Can Avoid These Prison Colonies

They are already Converting Urban Areas into these hellholes. Once they are done they will expand outward into Suburban areas. Then small cities and towns. The walls and the barbed wire will be the last addition to keep the population in the dark. It would be virtually impossible to cage in the rural population, which is why you are seeing so many train derailments in these areas. They plan on letting toxic chemicals eliminate these self-reliant resistors.

Sell Your Home and Get Rural

They will enclose your current home if you live in Salt Lake County, Logan, Ogden, Utah County, or Saint George. You will be first. Don’t expect the enclosures until after the next real or imagined pandemic. Under the guise of public health they will follow through with their plans. 

Sell your home now while you still can. If you have enough proceeds by a home on a 5-15 acre lot that is away from the cities. If not, rent in those areas and convert the proceeds to gold and silver. When the bank consolidation is over you will see prices skyrocket for a short period of 3-4 months. During that time you can buy an unlimited amount of things you need to be independent from their system. I will touch on this in my next article.

Spiritual Preparation

Right now is the time for you and your family to spiritually prepare to receive the blessings and protection of Heaven. There is no Church or Organization that will save you. If they worship wealth they are already in the enemies camp and ready to betray their followers. This is an individual effort. If you are righteous you will have the powers of heaven to guide and direct you. Your enemies will have no power over you unless that is part of your personal agreement you made with the Lord in the pre-existence.

More in the next article