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About Utah Fractional Gold Coins
British Gold Sovereigns:  Utah British Gold Sovereign Fractional Coins are .235 troy oz pure .999 bullion. They are recognized worldwide. First Minted in 1816, they are popular for their size and hardness. In fact, US pilots would carry 5 British Gold Sovereigns in their crash packs to buy their way out of enemy territory. French Gold Roosters: Utah 20 Franc Gold Rooster Fractional Coins contain .1867 troy oz of pure .999 gold. They are another popular gold fractional coin in Utah and worldwide. Like the British Gold Sovereign, the Gold French Rooster is hardened with other metals. It was meant for circulation. Swiss Gold Franc Helvetia: Utah Swiss 20 Franc Gold Helvetia coins are .1867 Troy oz pure .999 gold. This fractional gold coin is also popular with Utah investors. The Swiss Gold Gold Franc Helvetia is also hardened for circulation with other metals. Utah Fractional Gold Coins cannot be held in Traditional Gold and Silver IRAs. 
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Utah British Gold Sovereign Fractional Coin

Utah British Gold Sovereign: .235 Troy Oz Pure .999 Gold

Utah French gold Rooster fractional gold coins

French 20 Franc Gold Rooster: .1867 Troy Oz Pure Gold

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Swiss 20 Franc Gold Helvetia: .1867 Troy Oz Pure Gold

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