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About Utah Junk Silver
Utah Junk Silver is one of the best ways to buy silver. It is called Junk Silver because it has no collector value. 1964 and earlier dimes, quarters and half dollars are all 90% silver. In fact, their is .715 ounces of pure silver in every dollar face of junk silver. Utah Junk Silver can be purchased in amounts of $1.00 face value. Four Silver Quarters equals $1.00 Face. Also, 10 silver dimes equal $1.00 face. As well as 2 Kennedy Halves.  Any combination of silver dimes, quarters and halves can be $1.00 face. After 1964, there are no silver in dimes or quarters.  Kennedy half dollars changed to 40% silver. These are not as popular with investors. In fact, most are out of circulation. Junk Silver has also been melted down by refineries to retrieve the silver bullion. When and Where its available, Utah junk silver is always a good investment.
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