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WHAT ARE Utah Morgan and Peace US Silver Dollars

Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars are an important part of Utah and the Old West's history. They are also a great way to invest in silver. 

Morgan Silver Dollars:  Prior to 1873, under the Free Coinage Act, silver miners and others could have their silver minted into dollars for a small fee. This allowed them to make a profit at government expense when silver prices were low. After the Comstock Load was found, Congress changed the law. The new law allowed the govt to buy silver at market price and then mint the coins themselves. 

The first Morgan Silver Dollar was minted in 1878. Silver dollars are 90% pure silver bullion and other metals. Morgan Silver Dollars have .7734 troy ounces of per silver. That's about 24 grams each. The last Morgan Silver Dollar was minted in 1904. No Morgan Silver Dollars were minted from 1905 to 1920. In 1921, the last Morgan Dollars in the US were minted.

Peace Dollars: The first US Peace Silver Dollar was minted from 1921 to 1928. After a pause, minting restarted in 1934 and ended in 1935.

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