Kennedy Half Dollars:   1964 ONLY

Kennedy Half Dollars were 90% Silver in 1964 ONLY.  It was the only year they were minted in 90% silver. One Kennedy Half Dollar  =0.36169 troy oz of pure silver. They are sold two at a time or one dollar face value. They come in both circulated and uncirculated condition. Because they have no additional “collector” premium they are also referred to as junk silver. They sell for a little higher premium than silver quarters or dimes.

Franklin Half Dollars: 1948–1963

Franklin Half Dollars contain 0.36169 troy oz of pure silver. Like Kennedy Halves, they are sold two at a time or $1.00 Face Value. Again, because they are considered common, they are primarily sold for their silver value plus a premium. Uncirculated coins are usually more than circulated ones. Franklin Half Dollars with extremely clear bell lines (you can read the fine print and see the crack clearly) can sell for a little more in graded condition.

Walking Liberty Half Dollars: 1916-1947 

Walking Liberty Half Dollars are considered on the most beautiful coins minted in the US. However, they were heavily circulated and most were worn. They contain 0.36169 troy oz of pure silver.  More Valuable dates include 1916, 1917, 1919, 1921, 1923, and 1938 depending on Mint Mark and condition. Most Liberty Half Dollars are more valuable in Very Fine Condition or Better. NEVER CLEAN A COIN! Professionals can tell when a coin is cleaned and it dramatically hurts its value!  Look for worn and well circulated Liberty Half Dollars in many mixed half dollar junk bags.


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