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BUYING COMEX & Generic Silver Bars in Utah

Buying or Selling COMEX and Generic Silver Bars in Utah is Easy Thanks to Drockton Bullion and Coin Ltd. Just fill out the Quote Form Linked Below.

ABOUT UTAH Generic and COMEX Silver Bars

Comex Certified and Generic Silver bars in Utah are generally .999 pure silver. The Canadian Royal Mint, however, makes .9999 pure silver bars. All of which are available to buy or sell with Drockton Bullion Ltd.

We always recommend buying COMEX certified silver. It means that the silver is worthy of being traded and stored in the COMEX warehouses. It can also mean your silver is IRA Eligible.

We don't charge you extra for COMEX certified silver. Utah Silver bars come in standard sizes of 1 Troy Ounce, 10 Troy Ounces, 100 Troy Ounces and 1000 Troy Ounces. We buy and sell all sizes.

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Utah 1 oz COMEX Approved Silver Bar
100 oz bar
Utah 10 oz COMEX approved silver bar

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